Discover our new consulting service in Africa

Published on Feb. 2, 2023

Discover our new consulting service in Africa

Besides providing high-performing colored poultry products, SASSO possesses a team of skilled experts who can guide you in developing your business. We are excited to launch our new consulting service which will allow you reach new markets in Africa: Capturing rural poultry markets.

Why are we providing this service?

The SASSO team consists of several experts with a high level of skill in sales and technical management of poultry farming. With our expertise, you can get the full potential of our traditional poultry products. With 10 years of experience, this service will give you technical knowledge and insights to avoid common mistakes and successfully raise your chickens. Thanks to the SAPPSA project, our team has invested more than 5 years of experience in the African market. With this knowledge, they will help you successfully navigate the rural poultry market in Africa.

With our service Capturing rural poultry markets, we want to help you reach untapped markets and successfully develop your business.

What can you expect from this service?

Our consulting service provides support in capturing opportunities in rural poultry markets to rapidly grow your business.

The service package is divided in 3 phases, each of them consisting of several pillars designed to give you a stepwise approach and equip you with the tools and documents to successfully lead your project. This includes defining the right objectives and business plan along with sales and technical training. Our team will also be monitoring and following up with the action plan to ensure everything runs smoothly and according to the objectives.

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Our SASSO service is based on the African Poultry Multiplication Initiative (APMI) concept led by the World Poultry Foundation. This simple model starts with establishing a parent stock and hatchery operation for the production of improved dual purpose chicken breeds for smallholder farmers.

We believe our new service will provide poultry companies, large or small, with the optimal conditions and strong guidance to rapidly develop your business by reaching poultry markets in Africa.

Are you excited to learn more and get started with our service? Contact our team today and they will be happy to provide you more information.

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