Colored layers

In our range of colored layers, each product originates from the same and single PS female line. This results in added simplicity for you along with all the genetic advantages of our prestigious breeding program. As part of a global breeding company, our products are carefully analyzed and selected for quality and performance. However, SASSO layers still maintain original characteristics of the heritage line that is hundreds, sometimes thousands of years old.

These colored layers lines have been specifically bred for their laying genetic traits, including strong egg performance in terms of numbers and egg weight. Our laying hens have also been bred to be a heavier hen and provide more value for the males. However, any of these products can be raised for both eggs and for meat. This means you can get the most value out of your birds by using them for dual purposes.

Not only this, but each product is extremely adaptable. They can be raised in a range of environments: backyard, free range, or commercial while staying healthy and productive. Lastly, each laying hen produces feather sexable day-old chicks. No matter the color you choose, you can count on robust performance with rustic characteristics.