Breeding program

We have the world’s largest gene pool of traditional poultry where we select the best animals that are healthy and easy to raise. Each of our products have been bred for specific needs, depending on the region. Products bred for the European region are slow growing, rustic and offer a great balance of traits. Some of our chickens are also perfectly adapted to more niche markets, like Label Rouge, organic or farmer market.

To ensure that the animals we select will be healthy and strong in a range of environments, we test our birds to evaluate the effect of climate, diet, and management style. We also look at the right balance of traits so that our products are all-around performers.

In the breeding program of our colored layers, we have been looking at standard laying hens’ genetic traits for good egg performance, while maintaining their heritage and traditional poultry characteristics.

A part of Hendrix Genetics

SASSO is a part of Hendrix Genetics, a global multi-species breeding company with a strong portfolio of leading brands in turkeys, layers, swine, salmon, trout, and shrimp. As part of this well-established organization, SASSO is backed by a global network of support and resources. Our breeding program is up to date with the latest breeding technologies to accurately select the best animals. We have decades of experience in breeding the best animals for customers all over the world.

Colored chickens

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