Female breeder - SA51A

The SA51A breeder female is a rustic bird who has the particularity of being fully recessive and autosexing. This means that when crossed with our SASSO roosters, the SA51A breeder hen would allow the full expression of the rooster’s phenotype.

As a bantam chicken, this female is highly efficient with less feed consumption.

This red or black hen is reference as a Label Rouge product, Farmer chicken, or certified organic. This product is also suitable for pre-started production.


Unique benefits

Recessive female

The SA51A's advantage is that she allows the expression of the rooster's phenotype.

Competitive feed conversion

With less feed consumption, this bird remains highly performant in all types of production.

Autosexing breeder

Sexing of this female is quite easy as the feathering can be used to identify the sex of the day-old chicks.

Technical data

Live weight at 20 weeks 1440 g
Live weight at 24 weeks 1737 g
Live weight at 66 weeks 2184 g
Nr. of eggs at 66 weeks 247
Nr. of hatching eggs at 66 weeks 239
Mortality rate 0-20 weeks 2.5%
Mortality rate 21-66 weeks 5.5%
Total consumption for 0-66 weeks 45.8 kg
Consumption per DOC 0-66 weeks 217 g
These technical data do not in any way engage the responsibility of SASSO as a supplier of day-old chicks.

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