State officials visit at SASSO

Published on Feb. 19, 2021

State officials visit at SASSO

Today, SASSO had the pleasure to welcome in Sabres (French headquarters) the prefect of the Landes department, and the director the department’s social cohesion and population protection, for a visit of the company, including the pedigree complex (by car), and a presentation of current issues.

Following a presentation of the Hendrix Genetics group and SASSO, we explained the breeding of colored traditional poultry, as well as the evolution of our company since we joined the group. We also highlighted the SAPPSA project, with its impact on our business in Africa and our company’s social responsibility, including taking into account social expectations such as animal welfare.

​​​​​​This visit was also the opportunity to discuss the challenges we face given the current situation, especially the management of the Avian Influenza crisis and compartmentalization. This allowed to emphasize the lack of dynamism and follow-up on the compartmentalization topic, and the need of promotion that would allow compartmentalized companies to integrate this notion in the health certificates from importing countries. As a result, the state’s local services will contact the Ministry of Agriculture on the specific need of compartmentalization advertisement.

Photo (from left to right): Louis PERRAULT (SASSO President), Cécile BIGOT-DEKEYZER (Prefect), Franck HOURMAT (Department social cohesion), Laurent SALLES (SASSO Managing Director), Bernard GRIHON (Mayor of Sabres)

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